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October 08, 2018 5 min read 1 Comment

Your little bundle of joy will soon be making his or her appearance so it’s time to start checking all those last-minute things off of your list! Clean your house, wash all babies’ clothes, get the nursery ready and most important, packing your hospital bag! But how do you know what you should pack? Don’t worry, I got ya covered. In this post I will go over the must-haves to put in your hospital bag, those things you probably didn’t think of but will realize that you needed to pack once it’s too late. So, grab a pen and paper and start packing!

  1. Chapstick

The first thing you are going to need (as silly as it sounds) is chapstick. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m nuts at this point but allow me to explain. Things are going to get a little rough and you will guaranteed be doing some heavy breathing. Even while using the chapstick, my bottom lip still split down the middle during labor. Your lips are going to be dry, this I’m sure! Plus you’ll want some soft lips for all those kisses you will be giving baby.

  1. Robe

Second, bring a robe! You are going to want something comfy and warm for after birth and the hospital robes are the complete opposite of that. Trust me, I was stuck with a hospital robe because I didn’t have time to pack mine because of an early delivery. The hospital robes are a very thin material – the same as the hospital gowns you wear. 

  1. Phone charger

Bring your phone charger. Because more than likely, your phone is going to be blowing up with curious friends and family. Not to mention all the pictures you will be taking! Side note: you might also use it to watch movies before your labor really gets bad! It’s nice to have it as a distraction! 

  1. Lose fitting, comfy clothing

One of the very important ones (to me) is to make sure you bring something comfortable for after labor. And make sure it’s not your pre-pregnancy clothes unless they are super loose fitting. I brought a pre-pregnancy v-neck that was semi form fitting and it destroyed me. Your tummy doesn’t just go away right away and it’s somewhat devastating to your self-esteem to put on a t-shirt from before baby and see your belly hanging out of the bottom. Trust me on that! You’re going to hurt, no doubt about it, and comfy clothes are a MUST.

  1. Tooth brush and tooth paste

Tooth brush and tooth paste – YOU DON’T WANT TO FORGET THESE! Although, if you are like me, you’re going to be so distracted with labor and your baby that you might forget for a day or two to even use them. But your partner won’t, so make sure you pack his too. (Lord knows he won’t remember) And if he does forget, it will be you suffering if he is your support through labor.

  1. Maxi pads

Something that I HIGHLY recommend is bringing your own maxi pads. The hospital does supply you with pads but they literally go from the top of your butt crack all the way to your belly button. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but you get my point. They are massive and extremely uncomfortable. They 100% feel like a ginormous diaper. And that’s the last thing you want when you are already feeling disgusting. 

  1. Other toiletries

Other toiletries such as your own shampoo and conditioner (because the hospital's are no good), Q-tips, and face wipes.  

  1. Hair brush

BRING YOUR HAIR BRUSH!! Your hair is going to be a COMPLETE MESS. From rolling around, sweating, and people rubbing your head for comfort, trust me when I say that you will not want to forget your brush at home!

  1. Flip flops and/or slippers

I asked 15 women to name the top five things that they would suggest to any new mom to bring with them to the hospital and the one thing that ended up on ALL of their lists was flip flops and/or slippers. Being comfortable will be your number one priority, and bending over to lace up your tennis shoes won’t be your most favorite memory. Flip flops and slippers are so, so convenient and easy. Plus, if you are afraid of germs, you may want them for the shower.

  1. Undies!

Looking back, something else that I really think would be beneficial would be to bring your own undies. Once again, the hospital does supply you with some.. But they are these huge, mesh panties and wearing your own tends to be a bit more comfortable! Do not bring your favorite panties though! Bring some that you are not afraid to ruin. Because they will probably have some stains when you get home!

  1. Pillow and blanket

Another 2 things that was on almost all of the girls’ lists were pillows and blankets. The hospital pillows are thin and flat and they are not very easy to sleep with. At least not the ones at the hospital we were at. I personally feel like the pillows are more for your hubby though! Unless you have a beautiful, super perfect labor, you probably won’t be getting much sleep! Your hubby deserves sleep too though, so maybe pack them for him. A fuzzy blanket might be a comfort thing for you though if you want something soft to cuddle and squeeze during contractions.

  1. Playlist of your favorite music

And the last thing I’m going to throw out there isn’t something you pack, rather something you make; a playlist! You may not even end up using it, but I did, and it was very helpful for me. Music helped distract me from the pain during some of the rough contractions and help me to relax. If music affects you the same way than I highly recommend doing this!

Remember to pack the other essentials that I didn’t mention, such as extra hair ties, baby stuff and clothes for your husband. Whatever you choose to pack - or not pack, I hope that your labor goes smoothly, and you have everything that you need! And if you are looking for a great diaper bag to pack your baby stuff in, head over to Amazon and check out the Moonlight Babies new diaper bag that just launched! Good luck, mama! 

About the Author

Kali Gradberg is a new mom and blogger who loves to advocate for women and all things post partum. She is passionate about motherhood and shares her experiences on her website and you can find her on Instagram at

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Patti Wilkerson
Patti Wilkerson

October 11, 2018

What a great article! Well written. My kids are grown now I remember needing all those things, and wish someone would have better prepared me for the hospital trip! Thanks so much Kali, looking forward to your next article!

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