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August 05, 2018 2 min read

It is bound to happen eventually. The dreaded "butt burn" as we call it. It finally happened to us as new parents and we felt terrible for our little guy. However, things are getting better and it is almost gone after a few days. I wanted to go over what we did to remedy the problem and how you can prevent it. 

How to Fix Diaper Rash

1. Check What Wipes You Are Using

Make sure that you are using fragrance free wipes. If your baby has diaper burn, then you will want to stay away from anything fragranced, it will only irritate the area more.

We switched to Pampers Sensitive Water Based Wipes. We were using the Honest Company Fragrance Free wipes but thought the texture of the wipes was a little rough. Our friends have also had great things to say about the Kirkland brand wipes from Costco.

2. Pat that Butt Dry!

Make sure that after you wipe the baby's bottom you take a dry cloth and pat it dry. One of the reasons the baby has diaper rash is because he or she may have been in a dirty diaper too long. When a baby has a bowel movement when they are very young like ours was, it can be very liquid-like. He was also cluster feeding a lot so we would change him and within 5 minutes he would mess again. This can all be irritating to a baby's skin and cause the rash.

3. Get Some Diaper Cream

Desatin is a popular one, but we prefer Pinxav (pronounced Pink Salve). Although we do have both. This costs a couple dollars more for a 4 oz. tube compared to Desatin, but we think its worth it. We bought the 20 oz. jar for around $20

 Pinkxav isn't as thick and messy as Desatin is. It smells great and our baby has responded great to it. With clean hands you can apply it directly to your baby's bottom, but we got the BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush 

This is nice because we all know how crazy a diaper change can get. You have to worry about a crying baby, getting him or her out of their once, grabbing baby wipes, making sure the baby does "christen" you (mostly boys), applying diaper cream, and grabbing that new diaper to put on. This has a suction cup built into the bottom of the applicator so you can stand it up on a table or other surface preventing the cream from getting all over.

Since we have the tub, we just stick the thing on top of the container and we are good to go!


Overall, dont feel too bad. Most babies will experience diaper rash at some point. Hopefully these tips can help prevent it or if they do get it, you will be prepared to remedy it!

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