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November 14, 2018 3 min read

 The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving is coming up with Christmas right on its tail. You know what that means, right? Lots of friends, family and food! It’s a time that we should not have to worry about our diets and enjoy the turkey, stuffing, pies and all of those other amazing things!

Although the holidays are all about being with the ones we love and stuffing our bellies, there are some things you need to consider before you put that food on your plate - especially if you are a pumping or breastfeeding mom!

As a mom who is breastfeeding or pumping, you of all people know that your baby is eating what you are. This holiday season, you are going to be exposed to foods that you normally do not eat in your day to day life.

This post will tell you what you need to know about the foods that could impact your baby and your milk supply during the holiday season.

Foods That Stimulate

Who doesn’t love an espresso or a cup of coffee after dinner? Caffeine can cause your baby to stay awake or become over stimulated. Caffeine will start to appear in breast milk within 15 minutes and will reach maximum concentration within 1 hour.

Besides coffee, another food that has a significant amount of caffeine is chocolate. With all of the pies, cookies and candy sitting around during the holidays, you are probably going to be consuming more caffeine than you think you are.

If you do decide to consume coffee or other caffeine, just be sure to consume it earlier in the day so it does not affect your baby’s nighttime routine.

Mom Tip: White chocolate doesn't have any caffeine. I know...I it really chocolate? Either way, use it as an excuse to grab one extra piece with a little less guilt ;)

Gassy Foods

Any fiber rich food can cause gas not only for mom, but for the baby as well. Around the holidays, there are a lot of vegetables that are fiber rich. Although, vegetables are generally very healthy for us, be aware that eating too many of the fiber-rich ones can upset our babies bellies.

The vegetables that are the biggest culprits of giving your baby gas are brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, artichokes and asparagus.  

Additional foods that can cause gas for your baby include cauliflower, onions, and garlic. Potatoes, corn, and pasta have the gassiest possibilities from some of the starchy options.

It is very hard to avoid a lot of these veggies and foods in your thanksgiving meals, but just be aware that these specific foods could cause issues and you should try to limit the amounts that you eat. This is especially important if you already know your baby has trouble with certain foods.

Foods That Decrease Milk Supply

There are a few things that can affect your milk supply that you may not already know; Sage, parsley and peppermint. During Thanksgiving dinner, there might be a lot of dishes that have sage and parsley. These are two herbs that can decrease milk supply if consumed in excess. If you only eat one meal with these, you most likely will not have any issues at all. The problem is when you are eating multiple days of leftovers that leads to a higher consumption of these things that can reduce your milk supply.

Peppermint is another staple during the winter holidays. Candy canes, chocolate peppermint bark and other candy like this contain peppermint which is another food that can lead to decreased milk supply.

If you are one of the many moms who struggle with their milk supply already, you may want to steer clear from those candy canes! 


As you can see, there are a lot of foods that could impact your breast milk supply and/or upset your baby. You don’t need to completely exclude these items, but you should be conscience of the impact that eating too many of these items can have on you or your baby.

Now that you know of the the holiday foods that can impact your supply and you baby, you can enjoy yourself a little more and not be surprised when your baby wont sleep or has an upset stomach.

Be sure to comment below with some of the items that we missed here!

Enjoy the holidays everyone!



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