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January 15, 2019 4 min read 1 Comment

If you are a new mom, you are going to soon realize that there is one thing that will be by your side everywhere you go…besides your baby; Your diaper bag! You won’t leave home without it and when you leave home, you better be sure you have it packed with all of the diaper bag essentials. We have put together a list of all the diaper bag essentials for 2019 along with some tips for packing a diaper bag to make sure that it’s full of all the things you and your baby will need for a busy day on the go. 

Diaper Bag Essentials:

1. Diapers – Depending on how long you are going to be out, it is a good idea to have at least 6-8 diapers in your bag.

2. Changing pad – These can be thin and slide right in your bag. You never know what dirty or cold surface you might have to change you little one on. Even in a sterile environment, it is nice to give your little one some cushion. There are a variety of changing pads at different price ranges. You can keep it simple when it comes to these. We use this one from SkipHop.

3. Baby wipes – An absolute must! You can carry a big pack or find a travel pack if you are looking to save space in your bag.

4. Boogie Wipes – These things are awesome! They are wet saline wipes that are great for sensitive noses. We get the unscented ones but they come in other scents. If you don’t have these, regular tissues are completely fine.

Boogie wipes on counter top

5. Pacifiers – We always leave with 1,000 and come back with one. No idea where these things ever end up. Make sure to always carry extra because we tend to lose them.

6. Pacifier clips – When you are at home, doesn’t it seem like you can never find a paci? When you are out and about, those pacifiers will be left behind or thrown by your little one without you even knowing. A paci-clip can help combat this! 

7. Multi-functional cover – This is great not only as a car seat cover, but you will want it if you are a pumping or breastfeeding mom. In a bind, you can use it as a blanket, changing pad or to add an extra layer of protection in a shopping cart or public highchair. Checkout one of our covers with the link below!

8. Pacifier Wipes – You won’t always have water accessible to you and if you happen to be down to your last pacifier, you will not want to be putting that pacifier in your baby’s mouth when you drop it on the floor somewhere. We don’t like to use butt wipes for our son’s pacifier so we picked these up these Munchkin wipes from Amazon.

arm & hammer pacifier wipes

9. Baby Hand and face wipes – In a bind, it would be okay to use butt wipes on your baby’s face and hands, but some of the wipes on the market still contain ingredients that irritate the skin. Our baby has sensitive skin and some eczema issues so we limit the number of irritating things as much as possible. We use the Aveno Baby wipes.

10. Hand Sanitizer – You will come across many people who want to touch and hold your baby, so have this stuff handy – people can be gross!

11. Two changes of clothes – Since when is one change ever enough?

12. Crinkle book – We love bringing these with us. They are thin to fit anywhere because they are flat and can fold or roll up easily. Besides the convenience of them, they are also super entertaining to babies.

13. Disposable place mats – This would be for babies who are a little older and will eat with you at a restaurant. When you go out to a restaurant, your little messy eater will end up with half of his or her food on the table. You might not want to have your baby eating off the table wiped down with dirty dish water. In the summer, we enjoy eating outside on restaurant patios and they are not always kept super clean so this is a must have for us!

Disposable placemats for baby

14. Portable bottle warmer – When on the go, you might not have access to hot water to warm your bottle up. Your best bet would be to have some fresh bottles in your bag since they can stay unrefrigerated for 6 hours. This alleviates the need for a bottle warmer.

15. Extra booties or socks – You will want this especially in the winter or cold weather. How often do you not realize your baby kicked off a sock or shoe? Just another thing to have ready in your bag for the one time you actually need it.

16. Snacks and Food - On the go snacks such as puff or fruit pouches should always be in your bag. As we have a 6 month old, we have a spoon and jar of baby food in there as well. We just never know what the day will bring and we like to be prepared!

    How many of these items would you have left out of your bag? What did we forget to add in our bag? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

    We use our gray diaper bag backpack as our everyday diaper bag. You can pick one up today and save 15% if you use the code: ML15BLOG

    If you found this helpful, we would love it if you could share with a new or expecting mom!

    *Disclaimer: Some of the links provided are affiliate links. These are products that we personally use and believe in and want to share with you all. We do receive a small commission on these products.


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    John Zappitelli
    John Zappitelli

    January 20, 2019

    Just bought a bunch of your products for a Baby Shower and we loved it!!
    Very reasonably priced for such a phenomenal product! Very quick delivery.

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