Moonlight Dress Promotional Shot

How to contact Moonlight?

Please email Moonlight at info@moonlightbridal.com.

Does Moonlight carry veils, headpieces and gloves?

Moonlight does not design veils. All accessories pictured are for styling purposes only. The gloves shown in our advertisements are just props for photo-shooting. We do not have any information regarding the manufacturers of products pictured.

Does Moonlight carry tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses?

Moonlight does not carry tuxedos. All men’s formal wear shown in our advertisements, except for our bridal gowns, are just props for our photo shoot.

We no longer create a bridesmaids dress collection. All our current collections are available to view on our website.

What sizes do Moonlight dresses come in?

All Moonlight dresses come in sizes 2 through 28.

What colors do Moonlight dresses come in?

All Moonlight dresses come in white and ivory unless otherwise specified.

Does Moonlight offer custom designs?

We here at Moonlight aim to satisfy every brides wishes about creating their dream wedding gown. We do custom designs which means you can change almost anything on any Moonlight gown to satisfy your wants. Moonlight's custom services allow you to make those changes. Here are just a few examples of the modifications we make to our gowns on a regular basis:

  • Change the neckline
  • Change the train
  • Change the embroidery or embellishment pattern
  • Add / Delete detail on the skirt
  • Change the skirt silhouette
  • Add sleeves
  • Change the sleeve length

All of these above changes , and more can be made and are simple as one request away. Your local authorized retailer will be able to help you determine how you can customize your Moonlight dress so that you walk down the aisle with the dress you always dreamed of!

Does Moonlight offer custom colors?

All Moonlight dresses come in white and ivory unless otherwise specified. We do not dye our dresses into other colors.

How do I find a store that carries a particular Moonlight dress?

To find a store that carries a particular Moonlight dress, please call or email us with the following information ready: name, issue and page number of the magazine in which you saw the dress, AND your address as well as the area code of your phone number. Given the above information, we can help you locate the dress in your area. If you saw the dress in our on-line catalog, please go to our on-line Store Locator, where you could search for any particular dress in your state by using the reference number assigned to each dress.

Can I make a purchase directly from Moonlight or the internet?

No. We are a wholesale dealer and we strongly discourage the purchasing of any Moonlight gown over the Internet. None of our authorized, full service retailers are permitted to sell our products online. You may come across our dresses being advertised online, be cautious however to guarantee excellent customer service and quality we highly recommend that you please purchase our gowns from an authorized full service retailer.

How much does a Moonlight gown or dress cost?

An authorized Moonlight retailer will be able to provide you with information on pricing and availability information.